the sun provides abundant free energy

While the capture and leveraging of the sun’s power does involve costs,there is no such thing as “peak sun”…at least not in the lifetime of anyone reading this website.  Therefore anywhere we can utilize the Sun’s energy instead of fossil fuel energy is a win for us and a win for the environment.  Implementing solar harvesting technologies in your lifestyle will build greater resiliency and self sufficiency, as well as insulating you from power outages caused by weather, accidental digging, or infrastructure failure.  Harvesting the sun’s energy doesn’t have to include expensive solar panels and other PV components.  A solar oven or distiller utilizing scrap lumber, the proper application of shade on your annual garden, transplanting evergreen trees–allof these things can be done for little or no money armed with the right information.

Hack my solar

we help you harness the power of the sun

At Hack My Solar, we provide the information needed to implement solar in your life.  This may be with a solar photo-voltaic system of your own, complete with batteries, inverter, and charge controller.  Or it may be as simple as building a blackplastic frame on the inside of your south facing winter to passively heat your air in the winter.  We have a family of four, and operate a fully off grid homestead on 10 acres in Midwest TN.  The strategies and solutions we offer are based on experience and we hope we can help you implement solar in some form to help build resilience in your own life.

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Consulting Services from hack my solar

Our hope is that we provide you enough actionable information to go out and implement solar on your own property.  If you need help with design, siting, technical support, or even homestead automation send us an email utilizing our contact form on the Contact Us.  A more comprehensive explanation of the service offering provided by Hack My Solar can be found at our Services Page.