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Peace of Mind Included

At Hack my Solar, we know how to leverage knowledge and action to produce results for you. We want to share solar hacks with you to help you build resilience into your life with the unlimited free energy provided by the sun.  We know how daunting solar can be, from the smallest solar distiller to the full home grid tied PV installation.

Because we live and operate a full time off grid homestead, we provide solar and homestead consulting from a position of experience.  The knowledge we share is not experimental or theoretical, its PRACTICAL.  We had to research and design our own system, on a very tight budget, and install it ourselves.  Since the day we flipped the switch we have been working to improve and squeeze every ounce of efficiency from the system.  We want to show you that solar can be more affordable than you may think.  

In addition to the solar aspects, if you are a homesteader we want to help you close energy and resource loops, build resiliency, and identify ways to automate and increase efficiency every day.

We offer a number of different solar and homestead consulting services, including home energy evaluations, solar project design, off grid technical expertise, component sourcing and negotiation, site insolation analysis, and homestead management.  Our goal with all of our services is to deliver value the continues to pay off well after we leave the site.

Do you have a specific need that’s not mentioned on our website? Contact us today with your details and we’ll do everything we can to help you!

Top Solar and Homestead consulting Services

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Off Grid Design

Solar Project Design

Whole Home Energy Analysis

Homestead Automation