Battery Storage vs. Peaking Plants

Join us today as we discuss Battery Storage vs. Peaking Plants. Peaking plants are power generation facilities that come on only to handle the highest peak loads demanded on the grid. They are meant to quickly ramp up and produce only during the times when the deman is higher than all other generation components can handle. They are very expensive so today we are going to talk about when and how Battery Storage Technology could make them obsolete. At the same time we will talk about the challenges that battery technology will have, even when their cost makes them viable as utility load shifting devices.

Renewable Energy in Texas

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Renewable Energy in Texas is enabling Texas to win the Energy War…OK maybe its not a war but whatever it is they are winning.

Join us today as we discuss Renewable Energy in Texas.
Last year 20% of their energy came from renewables, primarily wind, and on somedays that number was over 40%. Governor Bush signed a bill in 1999 to drive the state towards renewable energy, and then after he became president, Governor Perry increased those goals and helped pass funding bills to improve the infrastructure to make the whole system work. One of the biggest advantages that Texas has is that it has its own grid.

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