About Us


Delivering the sun

At Hack My Solar, we believe empowering people with the knowledge to harness the abundant power of the sun creates a better life for all of us.  Whether it be solar thermal, photo-voltaic, or photosynthesis, the sun’s energy is free for the taking if you understand how to utilize it.

We provide basic knowledge and then simple hacks to implement that knowledge to make the sun’s energy work for you.  Visit our blog, facebook page, or youtube channel to access all of our free information, projects, and hacks.

For those interested, we also provide solar design consultation, homestead automation, off grid technical support, and other services.


We live on and operate a small, off-grid homestead where we test out and prove project ideas, then develop step by step instructions for you to implement them into your systems as well.  We believe that making the sun’s free energy work for you builds resilience in your life.


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off grid design

We can design each component of your off grid system, provide wiring diagrams, component lists, and provide technical support for DIY installations.


whole home energy audits

A must prior to an off grid move, but also very helpful to reduce energy consumption, or to identify power needs for a small backup system.

solar design consultation

From Passive Solar water pre-heaters to site insolation analysis and step up voltage strategies, big or small, we can assist.

We believe that creating excitement about solar energy in any form is a good thing and that the more people who understand and share it with their friends and neighbors the the more people will put it to use and realize its benefits.

We hope that you will find a project that you decide to take on, a hack that inspires you, or if nothing else additional knowledge that you can pass along to others.