Hack My Solar Summer Update – Living off grid in the Summer

Thanks for joining us today as we give a brief rundown of where the homestead is here in the Summer and what our plans going into the Fall will be. We have focused on “Zone 1” for all you permies out there and are very pleased with the results of the new Aquaponics system. That being said our rainfall through this hottest portion of the year has been pretty abysmal so Operation green front yard has not gone as well as planned. I am pleased to say that our need to run the AC units has been very low this year, reducing the amount of time we may have otherwise needed to run the Generator. All that being said our batteries are nearing the end of their life cycle after 6 years hard time on the homestead. As always, shoot us an email at shawn@hackmysolar.com with any questions you may have. Anyone interested in consulting work please visit our

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