Holistic View of Energy Use in the Household-Part 1

Today we’re going to talk about a holistic view of energy use in the household.

This is not going to be specifically about solar energy any of the things that I’m going to talk about today are things that it could definitely be be used on a household that is on the grid off the grid on the grid with grid solar or it doesn’t really matter. It’s not a solar specific podcast it’s about evaluating your energy usage identifying ways to potentially reduce that usage and conserve your cash. Because in most situations the more energy you use the more cash outflow you have to pay for it. And that energy may be in the form of firewood and maybe in the form of a propane or Continue reading “Holistic View of Energy Use in the Household-Part 1”

Evaluating when off grid solar makes sense

Hack My Solar Blog Post

Join us on the podcast today as we discuss evaluating when off grid solar makes sense. Utilizing an off grid strategy can make sense once you have made the decision that is what you want to do. But the reality is that taking an on grid property off the grid compared to buying an off grid property or building one from scratch are very different financial decisions. Continue reading “Evaluating when off grid solar makes sense”

Hack My Off Grid Update Winter 2018

Hack My Solar Blog Post

January 2018
As we sit here in the dead of winter dreaming of spring but also enjoying the reduced pace of the winter on the homestead, I thought it would be a good time to give an update as to where we are with our projects around the homestead as we build towards a more self sufficient lifestyle. One of the nice things about winter for me is that I can more easily control the climate within the house. Obviously during the summers with a house that doesn’t have central AC and is limited to the energy that can be produced by the sun, and with the understanding that solar thermal is much more efficient than solar photovoltaics, it can be a struggle to keep the house comfortable during the day. Cooling the rooms we are in only, combined with strategic shading and plenty of personal level fans for moving, ends up being a good strategy. However in the winter, where we heat almost exclusively with wood, Continue reading “Hack My Off Grid Update Winter 2018”